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Machine Teuthology Branch OS Type OS Version Description Nodes
fail 5940614 2021-03-06 01:35:42 2021-03-06 02:51:24 2021-03-06 03:18:33 0:27:09 0:20:52 0:06:17 smithi master rhel 8.3 fs:workload/{begin distro/{rhel_8} mount objectstore-ec/bluestore-bitmap omap_limit/10 overrides/{frag_enable osd-asserts session_timeout whitelist_health whitelist_wrongly_marked_down} ranks/5 scrub/no tasks/{0-check-counter workunit/fs/norstats}} 2
Failure Reason:

The following counters failed to be set on mds daemons: {'mds.imported', 'mds.exported'}